The skill and the style

'Old Vines', a sign of an exceptional wine.

'Old Vines', are really what vines from the Domaine des Chailloux are. Gorgeous and gnarled, they were planted in 1955. Now in their sixties, these vines express the best of the Grolleau and Cabernet Franc. They give to our red wines and rosés subtle and complex aromas, worthy of the best vintages.

Harvests are by hand so as to pick the best grapes.

At the Domaine des Chailloux, the vines are respected and pampered. The use of herbicides is restricted, soils and plants are cultivated with patience. Moreover, an important part of the harvests is by hand so as to reap only the best. All in the spirit of integrated farming.

The vinification is also carried out with particular attention. Pneumatic pressing is done in either a vat or in a barrel according to the wines, but always to ensure the retention of the imprint of the terroir.

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