Domaine des Chailloux

A domain marked by its terroir and its microclimate

The Layon is located in Anjou in the Loire Valley. This land has always grown vines in the traditional way. It is here, at the Domaine des
, that 15 hectares of vines are cultivated. Established in 1983, in the heart of Layon, the Domaine benefits from the microclimate and the unique terroir of this special region.

With all its qualities the Layon gives rise to typical wines, with aromatic features that make them different. Much appreciated by experts,
these wines come from four emblematic grape varieties of the region.
The wines that are made at the Domaine des Chailloux are the perfect image of this exceptional terroir.

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A great diversity leading to the expression of terroirs.

In local dialect, 'Chailloux' means 'rocks'. With its stony ground, which lends itself well to viniculture, the Domaine des Chailloux brings an impression of minerals to its wines leading to the creation of expressive wines.

The domain, with a nice diversity of soils - silts, sands and schists - can elaborate wines with different profiles. Silts and sands give mild, fruity and aromatic wines whereas the schists give a more structured and concentrated personality.