The local environment marks all of our wines

A rocky soil that lends itself well to the production of structured wines. And deeper soils, excellent to produce rosés. The local environment marks all of our wines; grapes are rich and aromatic.


Sweet Wines

One of the most famous wines of the region is the Coteaux du Layon. It is a sweet wine made by carefully handpicking the best bunches. This cuvee is also characterised by the noble rot.
Discover Coteaux du Layon 2014 and Coteaux du Layon 2015





This wine is characterised by the terroir, which gives aromas to the wine of fruits and flowers. These are harmonious wines, where complexity and elegance pair well. Our Chardonnay initially gives a fresh taste on the palate giving way to a more rounded taste.
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The Cabernet D'Anjou and The Rosé de Loire are emblematic of the area. They bring conviviality thanks to their fruity and generous aromas. Appetisers, grills and spicy food are a perfect match for these Rosé's.
Discover Rosé de Loire 2015 and Cabernet d'Anjou 2015


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Our red wines are generous and supple with black fruit aromas. Some Cuvees are full bodied. The wine is aged in vat or barrel to develop delicate tannins which give structure to the wine without being invasive.

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Sparkling wines are made according to the traditional method. The Cremants de Loire are the typical sparkling wines of Anjou. A long ageing process gives elegant and refined wines.
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